Nifty trick

Here's a tip to maintain a great frequency.  In my water jug 

I only use Amethyst, Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz.  These crystals are safe to put in drinking water. 

Some crystals are poisonous.  Always research your crystals before using this method.

The crystals will energize the water as you drink it and your body gets the vibration of the crystals.


Tools for Negativity

Below are tools that can be used to raise your vibration, help to get rid of negative energies that are stuck, and assist you to get back on track.

Psychic Reading

My most popular reading is the forty five minute session. Sometimes I use my tarot cards, but I don't read the tarot. They are simply a tool for me to focus on when I get onto my channel that hooks into the Divine and provides the information that is being sought.

The power of unlocking your crystals

This is where I teach you how to unlock and understand the power of your crystals.  

It is amazing how they work!  


These creatures are simply amazing. Many people think of them as just pretty rocks or stones, but there is far more to these stones than you can imagine.

They can change your vibration and frequencies, which changes what you attract into your life.

They can lift an energetic field with an illness, due to a low vibration, helping to dispel dis-ease, illness, lower feelings such as grief, depression and anger. They also can raise your vibration to connect with guides and angels, attract money and love.

Each stone is considered to be alive because they omit frequency and vibration like any living creature. Each stone also has a consciousness, just like us.

Sage, Palo Santo, Incense, and Essential Oils

Sage cleanses negativity in your home and also cleanses your aura.

It is important after you sage to add a positive energy after your smudging.

You can use essential oils, palo santo, otherwise known as Holy wood. Always use real oils, or incense that are made with real grade A oils or resin. They carry power and vibration.

Essential oils will change your frequency, help in healing ailments, and changing moods for the positive.

All the tools I mention are a great spiritual arsenal in creating yourself to be in your highest power.



Lakewood, CO  USA