Vancouver's own, Artist Bill Oliver

February 11, 2019


Is an artist and a musician. As a musician he has released three cd’s that all received radio play around the world but more importantly, he would like you to know more about the artist.


His favorite medium is photography/graphic design although he also draws and paints. He has a strong following for his graphic creations of Angels, Fairies and all things magical and scary, too. Many have told him that his work draws them in and affects them strongly, with tears and goose bumps often mentioned.


When he was asked to create a Viking Deck for Zoe Kelly, he at first was hesitant, as it was in uncharted waters for him but he was amazed how the muse happened so nicely and it flowed magically..  He believes  from his passion for Celt Mythology.


Bill Oliver is a steady contributor to Fate Magazine with much of his work in their issues. His greatest thrill was being asked to do work with Brad and Sherry Steiger, whom he had admired and read since he was young.


His first book with Brad was “Real Angels” which led me to do all his books for the last 15 years. Ghosts, Aliens, Zombies, Monsters and more, including his soon to be released book, “Haunted”.  Sadly he passed away just this year.


Bill has done many book covers for other authors and with his fairy magic being well received by all.


He also has self- published two books this year with his work      and


Bill’s  website link is


Fine Art America Gallery 


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This is a link to an interview, a little more about his musing.


A few testimonials as well:


"When it comes to focusing imagination into marvelously creative works of art and music, Bill Oliver will be at the top of our list every time. As an artist, he has brought his splendid work to pages of our books; as a friend, he is one on whom we can always rely." — Brad and Sherry Steiger


"Bill Oliver can deliver the goods. On very short notice he can create unforgettable art that will stay in your mind forever. FATE magazine appreciates and values all the awesome and thought-provoking art illustrations he has done for us." — Phyllis Galde, FATE magazine


"Through his artistry, Bill Oliver lifts the veils to reveal unseen worlds with delicacy, clarity and luminosity. His work is at once holographic and transcendental. His imagery is classical and mythological in its beauty and scale, and he combines these aspects seamlessly with elements drawn from the contemporary genre of fantasy. It is my great honor to have had him design a custom cover for my new book, 'Song of the Wind.' He was thoughtful, sensitive and responsive to my concerns throughout the process, without sacrificing an ounce of his own artistic integrity." —Janet Michele Red Feather, JD, MA, Author


Brad Steiger first became familiar with Oliver’s exciting artwork when the Canadian won the Christmas Art contest on the Jeff Rense Program in 2005. In the art contest for Halloween 2006, Bill won honorable mention.

As the two men became better acquainted, Steiger was honored to learn that he had been one of Oliver’s boyhood heroes with his work on the paranormal, the esoteric, and things that go bump in the night.

“To be reading one of Brad’s classic books one day and being asked to do some art for one of his new books another is truly paranormal,” Oliver said.


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February 11, 2019

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