Readings Available Internationally  


All Credit Cards Accepted

Feel free to call or text for an appointment. 303-668-5320

One hour readings  $100.00

Forty five minute      $75.00

Half hour reading    $50.00

Get back to your balanced self with a unique psychic reading.  If your energy is off, I can align your energy and you will feel better, and be on a higher vibration.

You will be able to align your mind and soul by getting in touch with your own spirituality.

I work with all of my clients on a deep, emotional level, to understand exactly what they require of my services. 

Allow me to guide you on your path.

Energy Work

These sessions delve into your innermost feelings, helping you sort out current issues in your life.

This energy work lifts up your vibration making you feel alive and balanced again.

When your energy is cleaned and revamped it changes for the better how you attract people, money, business opportunities, etc.

It also clears the pathway for you to hear guidance from your Spirit team such as Guardian Angels and Guides.


Intuitive Business Consulting

Let me help you to grow your business. 

To see the weak links, know how to fix them so you grow and expand business.  Implement new ideas and to reach your ideal vision for your company.

Motivational Speaker

Whether it is for a business function or personal group, l can guide groups to see a different perspective, which creates greater and more productive employees and individuals.

Teaching groups to be empowered to their own visions and making them happen.  The tools I teach and what we discuss will remain for a lifetime.

Helping Those to Help Themselves

My desire and drive are to help and guide people using spiritual energy. I do this by teaching them to hook into the highest power of themselves and the loving divine energy of Spirit.  Raising and maintaining their highest vibration to achieve their goals and stay in the energy of love, happiness, and abundance.



Lakewood, CO  USA