November 2019

Timing is the word I received for this sign, which tells me that this retrograde will work in favor for Aquarius.

Also, what I saw for this sign was looking at obstacles from a further perspective. 

When we see issues in our face we can get easily overwhelmed and then the big picture gets distorted and we feel under attack worrying how things are going to be pulled off. 

Step back Aquarius. Don't be in it.  Look at it as if it is a friend's problem so you can stay disconnected enough to make a clear judgment.  When we take the personal out, the answer is much easier to see.



November 2019

This sign feels heavy in the heart this month, almost as if many of this sign feel overwhelmed.

This month actually feels positive Pisces.  I feel relief and a breather coming up.  Relax and trust is the key for you this month.

Remember, if something is meant to be nothing can stop it.  This sign can easily be a busy body and needs to be reminded of self-care.  Work on what makes you feel good.  Happiness is contagious and can seriously make amazing shifts.  Be happy for no reason and see how things change this month.



November 2019

This month feels about getting the work done and getting down to the nitty-gritty, rolling up your sleeves especially when you don't feel like it.

Things don't change unless things change.  Mindset and the power of it is your theme this month.

November and the retrograde has great power to bring things that are wanted, but your energy needs to be in sync with it

If you want it, it's there for you but participation must be a part in order to work.

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November 2019

This sign feels as if it has been in its head way too much.  When we are living in the monkey mind it means that we are not plugged into Spirit.

When we are connected spiritually things go much smoother and we experience way less stress.

How to reconnect is deep breaths, pay attention to your breathing, and simply asking for Spirits help in reconnecting.  When you ask from your heart, it will happen.  As soon as you feel your head buzz, your tuned in.



November 2019

This month Gemini is making decisions.  This sign is one of the signs this month that is moving energy and taking action. 

Gemini energy feels that it is tiring of being stuck in the same old corner and is ready to take on adventures even if certain decisions seem crazy.

This sign has the strongest energy this month with regards to having the power of change with them.  Current fears will become a thing of the past.



November 2019

This month listen to your impulses.  I feel cancer has an awakening and comes to life.

Something you have been wanting will come into fruition this month.  For those who are ready to have what they want are the ones who will be in the receiving mode.

If you are finished with the old life and are more than ready to start over, this month has the power to take you there.



November 2019

Love is playing a theme for Leo this month.  It can be romantic love, more love from friends or family or you being more loving.

Also, there will be surprises all around for Leo.  I'm not talking bad surprises either.

Stay in a playful mood and you will attract these energies much faster and be able to put them to work for you.



November 2019

I feel as if many in this sign feel lost.  This sign has experienced change, disappointment, and confusion about where life is going.

Don't get to down, Virgo.  There is a shift in universal energies within the 10th of the month that is going to support your sign and give you that vision of what you seek for direction.

The answers are coming. For those searching for a career change, ask and feel what your heart truly wants.  Then take those steps in getting there.  Your secret is getting out of the loop your mind has been stuck in.  Once you break that, then game on!



November 2019

The message was loud and clear for this sign.  As George Michael would say, I gotta have faith!

When we truly have faith mountains are moved and we enter a brand new dimension to where all things are possible.  Drill it into your mind, your heart and Spirit.....FAITH.

This will change things and help you out so much Libra, I cannot express how much.  There are Angelic forces around this sign.



November 2019

If things seem a little crazy then this sign is right on track.  The Scorpio energy is like a snowplow moving out obstacles and paving the way for its new Solar year.

I feel many in this sign are pondering physical moves and are gearing up to make a lot of changes and being happy about it.  

The same patterns (Ones that are not useful) anymore are in the process of blowing up and moving out rather quickly. 

Start planning your new future, Scorps!  The universe has your back.



November 2019

There feels more action at the end of the month for this sign.  The holiday energy of Thanksgiving seems to be a catapult in shifting energies for action to finally start commencing.

This sign will feel this shift intuitively.  Sagittarius is being called to wake up spiritually, but talk the talk and walk the walk.

This is definitely the time to ask for help from Spirit.  This window will not stay open for long so put out there what it is you need.



November 2019

Things may seem like they are just going to slow, but the energies are actually getting this sign ready to start the new course.

Things will start a little at a time, here and there, but when they have reached a certain point do not be surprised to see everything happen at once.

Just start the energy by putting wants and needs into motion and it will take the momentum from there.

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Lakewood, CO  USA